Charis Siberians

Nevaland Siberians

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Leo Tolstoy

Nevaland Leo Tolstoy, a blue-silver lynx point, is

the son of Baz and Ellie.

He is a sweet and affectionate lap cat, 

like his parents

He is a big gentle cat with a healthy 


Leo has been recently retired and living in Alexandria.


Charis Pepper is our future queen. She is a blue tabby

Siberian and daughter to Panda and Leo Tolstoy. 

Her name was formerly Polly but my husband renamed

her. He said she has a peppy, playful personality.

She is adorable like the both of her parents and

will give us beautiful kittens.

As a part of ethical breeding we test our cats for contagious and genetic diseases (HCM and PKD).