Charis Siberians

Nevaland Siberians

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Jade had to let her beloved pet cat go due to allergies and constant sickness. She then got better, but still longed for a cat. Through much internet searching, our website was discovered and finally a Siberian kitten, Wrecks (London) became her new friend.

Hey, Colleen! Here is a reflection on our recent allergy visit:                                                                                                 Nov 2015

My daughter, Jade, is 15 years old.  She had a cat for many years and was chronically sick with what I thought was colds, and sinus infections throughout that time. Then, one day a doctor finally recommended we have her tested for allergies.  She tested positive for cat allergies, and dog allergies, along with mold, and dust.  I remember them saying she was not allergic to horses. It was a heartbreaking moment when we had to find another home for her beloved pet cat.  But, she could hardly be in the same room as him anymore. Jade's reaction to cats is visible, and audible.  I knew that if I were to take her for an allergy visit with the Nevaland Siberians, she would not be able to sugarcoat her reaction.  During our visit with the Siberian cats, Jade had no reaction that I could see. No rash, no congestion, no coughing, no itchy eyes. No sneezing!  I was amazed! And delighted, to be honest, because we had been convinced that she could never own a cat again. She is a cat lover. I am so grateful to have discovered these adorable, hypoallergenic cats! 


Hey Colleen!                                                                                                                                                                        March 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
They are both doing fantastic. Wrecks is the best cat ever. And Jade has pretty much stayed well all winter long. Which is unusual. Even without pets, she would get colds more often on account of the allergies.... Wrecks even sleeps in the bed with her... and she's always putting her face in his fur! So funny... He is the best behaved cat. I'm always bragging on him.