Nevaland Siberians

Nevaland Siberians

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Leo Tolstoy

Nevaland Leo Tolstoy, a blue-silver lynx point, is

the son of Baz and Ellie.

He is too sweet and affectionate, just like his parents

He always wants to sit in my lap and purr. 

Although he is becoming a big cat with a healthy 

appetite, he is very gentle.

We are looking forward to some awesome kittens!


Our future queen, CherishedSibs Panda, is a black tabby 

Siberian and she came to us from Culpepper, VA.

She is very playful, sweet, gentle and quick to purr.

She has a good appetite and is growing fast. 

We are looking forward to getting kittens with a variety of colors! She carries the colorpoint 

gene and the dilute color, blue, too.

As a part of ethical breeding we test our cats for contagious and genetic diseases (HCM and PKD).